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Grant Awards – A Legacy of Regional Investment

Since its inception in 2003, the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Partnership has awarded 188 grants totaling over $2.5 million to projects that preserve, interpret, and develop the heritage resources of the region. These awards have leveraged another $5.9 million in matching contributions from the state, local governments, and the private sector. 

Blue Ridge National Heritage Area grants have supported indoor and outdoor exhibits, oral history projects, video documentaries, interpretive programs, visitor brochures, music classes, and the marketing of heritage destinations. The grant projects have provided engaging and authentic heritage experiences to hundreds of thousands of visitors and residents.

A list of all our grant awards can be found here:
Complete List of BRNHA Grant Awards

The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Partnership offers matching grants to provide and leverage funding for new projects across the region which preserve, protect, and promote the rich historical, cultural, and natural heritage of Western North Carolina while stimulating economic opportunity.

We have made awards for the 2020 grant cycle. If you received an award in 2020, please scroll down for any forms you may need. 

The next grant cycle for the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area will commence in Spring 2023. Please check back for more specific details.

The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area is delaying its grant cycle until Spring of 2023. We are retooling the grant application process to include the requirement of a Letter of Intent prior to full submission of the grant application. This new process will streamline the grants process for BRNHA and for grantees. In addition, we are looking forward to advancing diversity, equity and accessibility opportunities in our grantmaking process and expanding our reach to new communities and institutions in 2023. 

Although grant guidelines may vary somewhat for each cycle, if you are interested in a future application, please review the 2020 grant guidelines and frequently asked questions for complete information on what types of projects and what types of expenses were eligible for funding:

Please check back in early 2025 for an update on the BRNHA Grants program.

Please reach out to Executive Director Angie Chandler at angie@blueridgeheritage.com with additional questions or to discuss your potential projects.

Types of Projects Eligible for Grants

Grants are available for the preservation, interpretation, development, and promotion of heritage resources in five thematic areas:

• Agricultural heritage
• Cherokee heritage
• Craft heritage
• Music heritage
• Natural heritage

These distinctive facets of Western North Carolina’s heritage were the basis for the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area designation in 2003.

Of particular interest to the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area are projects that:

• are regional or multi-county in scope
• involve active partnerships between organizations
• leverage substantial matches from project participants and other grantors

The maximum grant award is $16,000. Applicants must provide at least a one-to-one match from non-federal sources. Funds for the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area’s matching grants program are provided by the federal government through the National Park Service.

Who Can Apply

The following types of organizations serving the 25-county Blue Ridge National Heritage Area region are eligible to apply:

• units of state and local government
• federally-recognized Indian tribes
• academic institutions
• non-profit organizations with 501(c)3 or 501(c)6 tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service

Applicants may submit no more than one application per grant cycle. Only one project may be proposed in a single application.

Grant Application Forms

Reporting Forms and Publicity Requirements for Grantees

Narrative and financial reporting forms for grantees:

BRNHA Grant Progress Report Form
BRNHA Grant Final Report Form 2021
BRNHA Grant Financial Report Form 2021
• Grant Reporting Checklist Download / View

A list of requirements for acknowledging receipt of grant funding and publicizing a grant award:

BRNHA Grant Publicity Requirements
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