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Craft Heritage

A Winding Road to Discovery |

Here in the nooks and crannies, along rivers and coves, up in the mountains and foothills of North Carolina, you may want to think about doing some serious browsing.

This landscape is legendary in the history of the American craft movement and it continues to promote and cherish both traditional and contemporary work of great depth and imagination.  With roots embedded in the early 20th century, the diverse theater of Western North Carolina craft showcases virtually every imaginable kind of handmade art, objects brought to life by more than 4,000 makers.

Take a listen to what some of our makers have to say about living in this place: 

Craft Heritage Stories 

Learn more about the area from stories of traditional crafts, Cherokee crafts, Blue Ridge Attractions and Destinations, and Appalachian history in North Carolina. Western North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Mountains have been home to a wide variety of people including the Cherokee Indians, African immigrants and many different European settlers. It is part of what makes this region so diverse and unique.