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The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area is a nonprofit organization that preserves, cultivates, and promotes the natural and cultural heritage of 25 Western North Carolina counties and the Qualla Boundary to benefit current and future generations. As a leader in cultivating and sustaining the vitality of one of the most biologically and culturally diverse regions in the world, The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area is the only nonprofit organization serving this 25-county region and the Qualla Boundary that preserves, cultivates, and promotes five nationally significant heritage resources, including agriculture, Cherokee, craft, music, and natural heritage.

The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area is based in Asheville, North Carolina, but our work takes place in all parts of the region. We are dedicated to transparency and quality in all we do, ensuring every program reflects the distinct character, traditions, and culture for present and future generations. Our organization is committed to equity and fair representation, and we seek to cultivate a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and has a sense of belonging and mutual understanding.

Current Job Postings

Communications Manager / Asheville, North Carolina

The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area (BRNHA) seeks a full-time Communications Manager in Asheville, North Carolina to refine and implement the organization’s brand. The position will manage an effective strategy to communicate the organization’s work to its current audience, as well as capture the interest of new audiences to partner with and support BRNHA. The candidate will create and implement a donor and sponsor communications strategy to meet the organization’s budgetary needs and track BRNHA’s promotional efforts to support programming and events. They will be responsible for the creation, production, and distribution of interactive and compelling promotional content, including a monthly partner and visitor e-news, website and social media, press releases, fact sheets, brochures, annual reports, and community updates.

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