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Appalachian Mural Trail

Many murals tell the stories of communities large and small throughout the mountains and foothills of Western North Carolina, and the Appalachian Mural Trail links them together. 

The trail attracts visitors into these communities, enhancing the interpretation of history and culture to be found there, thus supporting local economies. Presently, more than 60 cultural murals are showcased on the mural trail. Trail organizers intend to inspire other small Appalachian communities to create their own high-quality outdoor heritage murals, with paintings of folk tales, Cherokee legends, mountain music, and the beauty of the land.mural collage

“Our vision for the Appalachian Mural Trail is to link the outdoor historical mountain murals together as one trail. People can enjoy the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains through experiencing nature while learning about our mountain ways as they travel into the towns and communities on a mural quest, a cultural treasure hunt,” says Doreyl Ammons Cain, mural trail director.

The AMT’s website, is an interactive resource to guide visitors to all murals on the trail. Visitors to the murals can take a ‘selfie’ in front of a mural and upload it to the mural trail website. 

Communities interested in joining the trail are encouraged to contact Ms. Cain at artist@muraltrail.com.