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Taupe Gallery
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Jim Lyall and Steve Key have been exploring the foothills and mountain region of North Carolina for more than a decade to find the art they showcase in the Taupe Gallery. Their respect for traditional forms of craft has been embellished by their interest in forms that push the envelope. All the while, the gallery looks to provide examples of the best that western North Carolina craft makers have to offer. Work in the gallery includes clay, paintings, glass, and jewelry all chosen by Jim and Steve under their selection guideline, “If we like it, we sell it!”

Located in downtown North Wilkesboro, the Taupe Gallery seeks to provide the offerings of a gallery with the experience of a friend’s living room. Jim and Steve want visitors to experience the craft they display and sell. Events bring visitors in to enjoy the atmosphere and get to know artists. A Taupe Gallery night happens bi-monthly where the entire space is re-envisioned and opened for guests to visit, share life, and experience art together. Visit www.taupegallery.com for more information on what’s in stock and upcoming events.

Wed-Fri 10-5
Sat 10-1

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