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Stringham Carvings
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Stringham Carvings in Newland isn’t an ordinary side-of-the-road stop. Jerry Stringham has been sculpting with a chainsaw for more than 15 years. He learned to carve from his father. Today he carves a variety of sculptures with subjects including bears, trout, eagles, cats, dogs, people, and more outside of his roadside stand as well as on site at customer’s homes. The sculptures start as rough logs that Jerry pares down to the image he is inspired to create. Most works are completed with only chainsaws.

Stringham Carvings hosts many visitors that pull over just to see what’s going on. These visitors can see Jerry at work on his whimsical creations. Most of his carving is done right out in front of the shop. Jerry’s sculptures can reach 20+ feet in height and take many shapes and sizes. Stringham Carvings also offers signs and rough sawn lumber straight off the sawmill.

Hours: Daily 8 am-6 pm

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