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Shira Forge
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Shira Forge sits high on a ridge not far outside Sylva. Matthew Shirey first became interested in living history as a high schooler. Since that time, he’s studied the skills and crafts that helped early Americans create lives for themselves on the frontier. In 1999, he attended a weekend blacksmithing workshop and found himself mesmerized by the forging process. Not long after that workshop, Matthew had his own hand crank forge, anvil, and post vise and was on his way toward learning the craft. Today, Shira Forge products are hand-forged from steel and fitted with local wood handles of hickory and maple.

Visitors to Shira Forge will experience not only a working forge but also ridgetop views. Matthew’s full array of tools and equipment includes a spare tire auto hammer he once made with blacksmith classmates. Shira Forge products include knives, axes, hatchets, frying pans, and more. One unique product line is Matthew’s Kephart knife, designed from the notes and writings of iconic outdoorsman, Horace Kephart, whose writings include his legendary book Camping and Woodcraft.

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