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Pam Brewer
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After years working as a contractor, Pam Brewer decided to put her creativity into something more personally meaningful. What started with a mosaic workshop at Penland School of Craft has become a career and a calling. Today, Pam’s work in ceramics takes multiple forms. Her ceramic mosaics incorporate artist-made tiles as well as found and broken items displayed throughout the artist’s creative space, indoors and out. There are mosaics that can be explored in and around the studio and garden. Her studio includes some large permanent mosaic installations and smaller wall-hung pieces.

Pam’s ceramic animal sculptures are organic, hand-built earthenware. This work is born out of a true collaboration between Pam and the clay using traditional coiling and pinching processes. A distinct feature of Pam’s work is her unique spin on the ancient terra sigilatta process. A newer form of work for Pam is casting bronzes of her sculptures.

Visitors can view Pam’s large studio and teaching environment. She loves to share her techniques and how they have evolved, as well as the lesson learned from the winding path that brought her to craft. As a community artist, Pam has large projects and processes available for viewing. As a sculptor, she has a gallery of her own work on display with many pieces under construction. Pam offers classes in clay and even has a short-term rental space that showcases much of her own work.

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