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MH Studios
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At MH Studios, Melanie Heinrich designs and makes one-of-a-kind wooden and natural creations. The main focus of her work is highly individualized, utilitarian art using materials such as wood, glass, old tobacco sticks, metal, resin, and more. Melanie spent her career teaching photography at the university level. Now, she employs her skills of design and her critical eye to all that she crafts. Work coming from MH Studios might utilize techniques such as carving, milling, pyrography, photography, and more.

Visitors to MH Studios can find distinct works that accentuate the beauty of natural elements. Melanie has multiple working studio spaces and an ever-changing supply of wood and materials. Her work could take the form of a lampshade made from the shell of pinecones, pens turned from highly figured hardwood, beautiful cutting boards, or hand-turned handles on shaving kits. Other items for sale are potentially customizable and include lamps, birdhouses, charcuterie boards, carvings, knives, chairs, tables, and more.

Hours: Open by Appointment


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