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Maggie Black Pottery
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Maggie Black Pottery near Banner Elk is both a shop and functioning studio. After working as a geologist, Maggie returned to a connection to pottery she forged as a child. She honed her skills through the craft enrichment program at Appalachian State University after she moved to the mountains in 1999.

Today, Maggie’s work takes many forms. Much of her pottery is electric or gas-fired earthenware, but she also works in raku. Alongside her functional work are her distinct portrayals of animals. She finds clever ways to sculpt and paint colorful and lifelike animals on varied forms and vessels.

Visitors to Maggie Black Pottery can observe Maggie throwing and decorating pots upstairs in the showroom or working with her slab wheel downstairs. Often, Maggie can be found glazing or loading her kiln downstairs, where there are lots of pots in various stages of creation. The showroom has a porch filled with pottery hanging planters, bird feeders, and more. Inside the shop, visitors can find a diverse collection of various styles and techniques that come from Maggie’s

Hours: Monday-Friday 10 am-2 pm, Saturday 10 am-4 pm


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