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Wishful Thinking Studio
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Each day Caron Baker does something with clay. She can’t say which she enjoys more: the building, the glazing, or the anticipation of finally seeing a finished piece. Caron’s journey in pottery took shape when she taught pottery as part of a Lenoir Park and Recreation Department relaunch of their arts program over twenty years ago. Today she continues teaching pottery classes for Parks and Rec in her studio which formerly served as the varsity football locker room for the old Lenoir High School This studio includes space for work including glazing, firing, storage, and a seasonal gallery.

All of Caron’s works are one-of-a-kind made one-at-a-time. Her work features many specialized hand-building techniques incorporating slab-work, coiling, embossing, slumping, humping, extrusions, and carving. Two particular styles are Caron’s most popular, lace pots and leaf pots. Remembering a box of antique laces, doilies, embroidered textiles inherited from her grandmother, Caron started using that lace to create texture in her work and to build some of her own heritage into each piece. Leaves take a similar role in texturing her work. Some of Caron’s favorite leaves to use are paulownia, burdock, coltsfoot, hydrangea, sunflower, sycamore, squash, and Queen Anne’s lace.

Wishful thinking Studio is located across the street from College Avenue Baptist Church. You can access the studio through the gate just beyond the blue doors of the old Lenoir High School gymnasium. 

Open by appointment


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