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Western North Carolina Sculpture Center
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The Western North Carolina Sculpture Center (WNCSC) was established by local sculptors Joseph Bigley and Zachary Smith-Johnson in 2019. The nature of sculpture is extremely expansive and ranges from digital processes to ancient craft-based processes, and part of the mission and interest of WNCSC is to embrace both sides of the sculptural coin. The WNCSC is located just outside of Lenoir in Happy Valley, a town with more than a century’s worth of craft heritage as a leading center of furniture production. That heritage of making things by hand continues today in a rich environment for sculpture.

Located on the historic Patterson School grounds, the WNCSC consists of a free and public sculpture park that exhibits 40 works. Sculptures on display are constructed with cast iron, welded steel, stonework, woodwork, cast bronze, stainless steel, and found objects. Happy Valley is an idyllic location for a park showcasing works from a wide range of material, form, and size, resulting in a rich and expansive viewing experience.

In addition to the sculpture park, renovations are underway on a 10,000 square foot studio building to accommodate workshops, presentations, artists-in-residence, and musical events. During the studio building renovation, the WNCSC is holding public events that showcase casting iron, blacksmithing, and firing ceramics works, all of which holds a rich part of the history of making in our region.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wncsculpturecenter

Open daily from dawn until dusk 


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