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Weitzel Art
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Jim Weitzel attended the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio and graduated in 1979. He spent time working in the restaurant industry and in mental health before turning back to his art. For the last 30 years he has been living in North Carolina. The two great passions in Jim’s life are art and working with individuals recovering from mental and emotional difficulties. These passions led him to create large scale public work while shining a light on the plight of those working through these conditions.

Jim’s work references the found object of the Dada movement as well as the works of Picasso and David Smith. The works of ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian art are all part of his language, and he had a deep interest in the art of Native Americans and other indigenous peoples. A vision of wings in the clouds inspired one of Jim’s most notable series of sculptures. He crafts wings in various sizes all made of thick sculpted copper, with steel, wood, and leather additions. Jim includes medallions and small plaques on these sculptures with inspirational words and poems to create art that speaks louder than just its form. A distinct feature of these sculptures is added patinas that create an aged look and weather over time

Visitors will be able to see Jim’s shop and his free and opportunistic working style. Sculpture is on display inside and out. Multiple outdoor installations allow for viewing and even seating. He welcomes visitors into his home which serves as an art gallery.

Open by Appointment Tuesday- Saturday


185 Baxter Way Forest City, NC 28043Get DirectionsPhone: (828) 899-7000 Web: https://weitzelart.net/Email: weitzelart@aol.com

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