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Traditional Hands
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Traditional Hands in Cherokee showcases the unique work of General Grant. A member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, General is committed to carrying the heritage, culture, and history of the Cherokee people in the special way that only artists can. General Grant and son Antonio Grant are the only master silversmiths in Cherokee, and Traditional Hands is one of few galleries in Cherokee selling handmade work directly from the maker to the customer.

General has been instrumental in helping bring Wampum back to the craft realm. Wampum is made from the Northern Quahog clam found along the New England coast. The distinct purple coloring of some shells helped establish the shell as one of the original Native American currencies. General’s work with Wampum was inspired by his goal to reconnect history and culture to the modern Cherokee people. When investing in a piece of wampum jewelry, customers are connecting to an essential part of Cherokee history and philosophy. Today, Traditional Hands has the largest selections of Wampum in the United States.

Visitors to Traditional Hands at 1045 Tsalagi Road will find original silver jewelry featuring not only Wampum, but also turquoise, coral, other gemstones, and trade beads. Unique sterling silver jewelry offers wide variety of designs from simple to extravagant. Each piece of silver work from General and Antonio is one-of-a-kind.

Visitors can also visit the Traditional Hands Studio & Art Gallery at 22 Grant Drive to see another large selection of jewelry as well as Traditional Hands hand sanitizer production.

Hours: Daily 10:30 am-5 pm

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