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Township10 is a residency that offers artists, writers, and art professionals an intimate, private retreat to deepen their creative practice. This green mountain cove near Marshall offers a peaceful and natural environment for artists to engage with one another and the craft heritage of Western North Carolina.

Aside from creating their work, artists in the residency program at Township10 are asked to do four things: donate a work to a collection, serve as a point of engagement for conversation, host a dinner and read poetry, and leave a written reflection of their time. Residencies usually last from six to eight weeks, with two to four artists in residence at any given time.

Visitors to Township10 will find workspaces dedicated to studio practice and located in a beautiful cove. The property has a restored farmhouse, a newly constructed bunkhouse, an open pavilion, a rehabilitated tobacco barn, and generous studio facilities with a focus on ceramics. Given the nature of the residency program, the type of work, and the artists rotating regularly, visitors can count on a variety of experiences.

Township10 is a cultural site without an established retail operation. Pottery sales and open houses are held at least once a year. Otherwise, visits are by appointment.

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