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Teresa Pietsch Pottery
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The focus of Teresa Pietsch Pottery is creating work with color, texture, and imagery. At her studio near Penland, Teresa creates her one-of-a-kind decorative, functional pottery. She moved to the area in 2013 to work as a resident at a studio site that used landfill gas as fuel for kilns and other functions. She fell in love with the community and chose to settle in permanently.

Today, she crafts her work using monoprint slip transfer. Each piece is unique, as she has to paint each slip in reverse before applying it to the cup or plate she’s working on. She extends this form of decoration even to the bottom of pieces in an effort to pay full attention to the entirety of her work. Teresa decorates her various forms of pottery with loose interpretations of the natural world around her. This theme often takes shape in flowers, trees, or leaves. Regardless of the specific motif, it is always colorful.

Visitors to Teresa Pietsch Pottery are welcome to take in the full experience. Teresa is happy to demonstrate her unique decoration techniques and to explain her processes. Visitors can also browse work for purchase in her outdoor showroom.

Hours: Daily 10 am-6 pm


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