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Susan Roath
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Susan Roath has been drawn to create stained glass since a class in college provided the spark. Since 1978, she’s kept stained glass as part of her life. Her career—drafting in an architect’s office and working as a general contractor—kept her close to the tools and skills needed to produce her elaborate and vibrant work. Each piece Susan creates is inspired by a specific, found piece of glass or shell. She then designs the image around the inspiration. Susan sees her work as painting with glass and devotes her full attention to a perfect match of color, patterns, and texture.

Susan lives on bottomland along the Reddies River in Millers Creek. She mostly produces commissioned works, but she does make limited runs of certain pieces. Working on commissions allows Susan to connect with her customer and create something unique and meaningful to them. She takes pride in each piece being one-of-a-kind, even if it’s part of a patterned run. In her studio, guests can see Susan underway in the process of stained glass, all the way from drawing patterns to cutting glass to soldering the final layout.

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