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Stroup Hobby Shop
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Stroup Hobby Shop sits just across the Toe River from downtown Spruce Pine. Since 1949 members of the Stroup family have been producing fine works of craft. They can prove it with the ledger that has a listing for each of the more than 2,560 grandfather clocks that has left the shop for a home in 48 states, Canada, or Mexico. Today, father-daughter duo, Luther and Victoria Stroup, continue the family work started when Luther’s grandfather retired and needed, well, a hobby. The patterns he developed are still used in the shop today.

Luther didn’t expect to continue his grandfather’s work, but when unable to take a job due to his draft status, he started working with his grandfather and has been running the shop ever since. Great granddaughter, Victoria left home to teach painting in Dallas, TX and spent time playing various roles in theme parks before returning home and joining her dad in the shop in 2018.

Visitors to Stroup Hobby Shop can see the operation up close. The shop contains a machine room for woodworking and turning, a finish room, and a warehouse with wood stacked in every corner. Available for viewing and purchase are grandfather clocks, mantle clocks, wall clocks, desk clocks, custom furniture, jewelry, and other handcrafted wooden items.

Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm or by appointment.

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