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Selena Glass & Metal
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Selena Glass & Metal in Burnsville is a studio borne out of the connection between two artists. Deana Blanchard started her studio in 1978, and Chuck Young joined her in 1984. While the two initially bonded over art, their work and their lives soon blended together. Today, they carry on an endeavor that’s been ongoing since 1984 with an artistic practice they view as “Four Hands, One Voice.” Deana does glass work of all kinds. Chuck specializes in metal, forging and welding his creations. Glass and metal come together much the same way that Deana and Chuck have.

Visitors to Selena Glass & Metal can view a working studio that is spacious enough to allow creation and display of creations. The two built their studio soon after they moved to Western North Carolina in 1994. Selena Glass & Metal sits on a ridge surrounded by a forest and a creek. Deana and Chuck’s work decorates the property and fills studio.

The glass work takes place in the upstairs, aided by huge windows and tall ceilings. Chuck’s metal work takes place downstairs and on a back porch workspace. Much of the work is for sale, and Deana and Chuck are more than happy to discuss commission work. The pair also offers group classes teaching participants to make sand-blasted goblets, fashion perky suncatchers, or a forged steel hook.

Hours: 10 am-6 pm. Please call ahead.

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