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Sarah Sunshine Pottery
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Sarah Vekasi’s craft story is a local tale. It started when she took a pottery class at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts. She took to pottery so quickly that she made too many pots and outgrew the community workspace. Sarah bought a wheel off Craigslist and started throwing in the living room of her rental home in Swannanoa. As she worked through some major turning points in life, luck struck, and she came across the Black Mountain home and studio of a retiring potter just as it came on the market. She put in an offer that was accepted the same day. Then, Sarah dove into pottery full-time and started Sarah Sunshine Pottery.

Most Sarah Sunshine Pottery is wheel thrown. Sarah’s studio features two potters’ wheels, an oxidation kiln, a pugmill, extruder, and slab roller. She keeps all materials for glaze mixing and application on hand to make all of her own glazes. Sarah offers small classes teaching multiple styles and techniques. Classes are designed so that every student can succeed.

In late 2021, to bring her pottery to the public, Sarah opened a storefront at 105 Cherry Street in downtown Black Mountain. Visitors to Sarah Sunshine Pottery can browse functional vessels designed to bring beauty into the mundane spaces of life. Offerings include dinnerware, tea sets, mugs, lamps, vases, serving bowls, basin sinks, and many useful items in one of Sarah’s signature glaze patterns.

Hours: Daily 12-5 pm

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