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Sabbath-Day Woods
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At Sabbath-Day Woods in Canton, Desmond Suarez carries on a tradition of craft into which he was born. His mother, Juanita, designed homes and furniture, and his father, Tem, built furniture and cabinets. From his parents, Desmond gained an eye for design and the skills for woodworking. After 20 years in design and manufacturing of office seating, Desmond returned to his roots in craft. Today, Desmond is joined by his son, Devin.

Works from Sabbath-Day Woods are clean and timeless with inspiration from the American Shakers, Arts & Crafts Movement, American Prairie school, Scandinavian modern design, and Japanese design. Current designs are inspired by the best of traditional American art with a modern interpretation.

At Sabbath-Day Woods, each piece is crafted with the best materials and most exact skill to showcase the natural character and beauty of the wood and to take an honored place in families and households. These products are made with certified sustainable Appalachian hardwoods, time-proven joinery, and a hand-rubbed oil finish. Sabbath-Day Woods features a working studio and gallery where they produce and display wood clocks, lamps, trays, serving boards, and candles, as well as pottery, glass and other art. A second location at 25 Main Street in downtown Waynesville brings customers an expanded offering of products. 

Hours: Canton Studio: Monday – Friday 9 am-2 pm, Waynesville Store: Monday – Friday 12 – 5 pm 

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