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Rose Hollow Connections
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Connie Molland comes from a family of carpenters, but it wasn’t until her husband gifted her a woodworking class in 2003 that she found her connection. Today, she operates Rose Hollow Connections near Marshall. The name of her company comes from her property, Rose Hollow, and the core element of her work.

Connie connects beautiful pieces of wood to make unique and useful household items such as cutting boards, one-of-a-kind lazy Susans, and utensils such as pie servers and spreaders. These creations are made using American woods including maple, walnut, cherry, and oak, as well as exotic woods such as purple heart, yellow heart, and sapele. Connie crafts each piece with a focus on contrasting colors and the natural beauty of the wood. Inlaid dots are a signature element of her work. She came to this characteristic while exploring how to make buttons for a purse-shaped cutting board she made for a charity auction.

In the early stages of her work, Connie cleans up and sizes the wood. In later stages, she glues the pieces together and hones the shapes of her various product lines. Finally, there’s lots of sanding and the application of food safe finishes.

Visitors to Rose Hollow Connections will see the peaceful hollow that lends its name to Connie’s business. There is usually a good selection of work for sale. Connie also takes custom orders to suit customer demands. She also offers day-long classes during which she takes students start to finish through creating a piece.

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