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Red Salamander Pottery
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Red Salamander Pottery is nestled in the rolling mountains and valleys of Creston in Ashe County. Many varieties of arrowheads and spearheads have been found in the hollow where Becki Henderson-Gow does her work. This area was once a home for Native Americans, and the connection of place from past to present is a central influence in the work of Red Salamander Pottery. The colors, textures, and lines of the surrounding landscape have a strong influence on Becki’s thoughts, often resulting in unique color combinations and patterns. She has always had a strong desire to work in clay. The feel and movement of the clay in her hands provides a sense of freedom, and the forgiving nature of clay allows her to experiment and make changes mid-thought. She loves being able to start anew, again and again.

Red Salamander Pottery hopes to create items that customers will view as old friends waiting in cupboards to greet them each day. Inside the studio, guests will find an assortment of decorative and functional handmade pottery. Stoneware clay is used to create food safe dinnerware for the home. Most work is wheel thrown and fired in an electric kiln. Other pottery is hand built and decorated with a variety of slips or textures. Completed work is for sale to visitors, and occasionally, they can experience clay first-hand by attending a special day to decorate their own pottery. During these events, visitors can select a thrown piece of leather hard pottery to decorate. The piece will be fired and ready for pickup or mail in a few weeks’ time.

Open by appointment only 


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