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Pink Dog Creative
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Pink Dog Creative, located in the River Arts District of Asheville, shares a common trait with the surrounding building. The building is a remnant of an industrial past, having served as a meat packing plant and a textile warehouse among other things. When it was purchased by the current owners, it was decorated with a large painting of a snarling dog on the front. In order to make the dog friendlier, it was re-rendered it in pink, and the name of the building was born. The huge pink dog is still there.

Pink Dog Creative houses 20+ artists’ studio spaces, including unofficial ambassador Noël Yovovich’s jewelry studio just inside the main entrance. Numerous artists can be found at work across multiple mediums. Pink Dog Creative functions as a small business incubator, retail space, and tourist attraction, with a photogenic exterior, parking lot, and manageable size.

Visitors can browse through the work of resident artists including Ukranian eggs, jewelry, pottery, mosaic, fiber, resin-covered textured landscapes, pastels, oils, and encaustics in traditional and inventive styles.

Hours: Friday & Saturday 11 am-5 pm, hours vary among individual studios


342-348 Depot Street Asheville, NC 28801Get DirectionsPhone: (847) 494-1361Web: http://www.pinkdog-creative.comEmail: Noelyovo@gmail.com Facebook

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