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Parsons Wood Artistry
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Pyrography, the art of “drawing with fire,” is an historical art form that is becoming popular again. With today’s modern pyrography equipment, Michele Parsons creates burned images that have the fine details of pen and ink renderings. She burns on several media but prefers wood and leather. Michele has been instrumental in the resurgence of modern pyrography and is a nationally renowned pyrography instructor that has been teaching students across the country for the last 16 years at several premiere venues, including the International Woodcarving Congress, the Southeastern Woodcarving School, the American Woodcarving School, and the John C. Campbell Folk School. Michele has been writing articles for Pyrography Magazine for the past 10 years and has written books on the subject that are sold internationally.

Parsons Wood Artistry occupies studio space at the Union Mills Learning Center, a renovated school where the community holds events such as crafts festivals, children’s reading programs, and bluegrass concerts. The studio space is a large classroom with an ambience of history through its wood floors, tall ceilings, and tall windows giving plenty of natural light. Visitors to Parsons Wood Artistry will be able to view displays of both antique and modern pyrography equipment, watch a pyrography demonstration, and try their hand at burning on wood or leather. Visitors may also have the chance to view traditional woodcarving work in progress using European-style bench carving with mallets, chisels, and gouges. Artwork is available for purchase, as well as pyrography equipment and books.

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