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Old Marshall Jail Hotel
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Yes, you read that correctly: The Old Marshall Jail Hotel (OMJ). This unique enterprise fills space that once housed prisoners and still holds stories of life in Madison County. Today, the building and much of its past have been reimagined to tell the story and offer a new way to connect with Marshall. Everything from old bed sheets to rediscovered bottles of booze are repurposed and on display with accompanying context and stories. The entire presentation works to create a strong link between Appalachia’s rich past and its future.

Josh Copus bought the Old Marshall Jail with three partners in 2016. For five years, he carefully deconstructed the original structure, preserving the historic aspects of the building and piecing it back together into a fully renovated and reimagined space. In 2021, the Old Marshall Jail Hotel officially launched, inspired by the many men and women who worked together in this community in the previous decades.

Zadie’s Market is another part of the Old Marshall Jail, serving drinks and meals in the first-floor space below the Old Marshall Jail Hotel. Josh is a ceramic artist and creative entrepreneur who is featured in galleries throughout the United States. His large sculptural vessels, tiles, and functional table wares are showcased throughout the building. Josh is also an accomplished welder who created many of the custom sconces and railings you see throughout the building.

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