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Oconaluftee Indian Village
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Step back in time into an 18th-century Cherokee village

Before Alexander Hamilton ever met Aaron Burr, there was an Oconaluftee Indian Village and, thanks to the dedication of many present-day Cherokee historians, you can easily travel back to that time and place for an interactive 1750 experience led by Cherokee guides and mentors.

You’ll follow these cultural experts through winding paths, flanked with traditional Cherokee dwellings, work areas, sacred ritual sites and traditional dance performances.  You’ll also look in on villagers as they hull canoes, hand build pottery and masks, weave baskets and fashion beadwork.  And, should negotiations take a turn for the worse, you’ll be on hand as the community gears for war.

Dive into a history you can see and feel.  At the Oconaluftee Indian Village in Cherokee, you can step inside the world of an 18th century Cherokee village and see a dugout canoe under construction, pottery and baskets being crafted, and a blow gun demonstrated. Tours are led by guides, many of them Cherokee High School students, whose interpretation of Cherokee culture is based on both scholarly research and  oral tradition.

The living exhibits demonstrate how the Cherokee were responsible stewards of the beloved land of their ancestors and used it wisely. There was little waste of natural resources used in producing items needed for daily living, and reciprocity (giving back when something was used) was the custom.

The Oconaluftee Indian Village is presented by the non-profit Cherokee Historical Association which also produces the Unto These Hills outdoor drama.

For hours and fees, visit the website.


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