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Nathan and Mariella Favors
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Nathan Favors started his career as an artist 25 years ago. Before that time, he had grown to know wood through his tree removal and landscaping business. But he fell in love with turning wood when he saw it for the first time at a demonstration in 2000. His wood turning hobby quickly grew into a full-time pursuit. Working in conjunction with his wife, Mariella, Nathan loves to preserve and showcase the beauty that can be hidden in raw wood. The couple has a large supply of local and exotic wood and ample knowledge to explain the features and intricacies of each. Nathan’s preferred woods are maple, walnut, ash, cherry, oak, manzanita, and buckeye, but he also works with exotic woods from all over the world including cocobolo, bubinga, eucalyptus, mora, and jarrah from Australia, Africa, and Central and South America.

Visitors to Nathan and Mariella Favors’ studio can see the various steps in action. Nathan enjoys giving small demonstrations of his turning skill. Each piece is finished with oil to optimize its appearance or guarantee its food safety. Nathan is known as one of the most prolific turners in the country, so there is always a large amount of inventory on hand ranging from decorative to fully functional. Mariella’s touch can often be seen with the incorporation of stones, resin, and other decorative elements that accent the natural appeal of any given piece. The gallery showcases the lines of work that Nathan and Mariella create including bowls, vases, sculptural pieces, kitchen ware, mortar and pestle sets, pepper mills, rolling pins, and salad bowls.

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