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Mountain Mike’s Whetstone Woodworks
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Mike Ayers can carve just about anything with a chainsaw. His journey started when his uncle asked if Mike could carve a bear. He did, but it took him two days, and he wasn’t happy with the results. Nevertheless, Mike’s neighbor bought it, so Mike kept carving. Today, with several years of chainsaw carving behind him, he holds the world record for most bears in an hour at thirty-eight.

At his Mountain Mike’s Whetstone Woodworks in Maggie Valley, large tree trunks lie in wait for their transformation at the hands of Mike’s chainsaw and imagination. As a competition carver, Mike has traveled to events all over the world. His work portrays lifelike sculptures carved from wood mostly sourced from the surrounding counties. He generally carves on-site, but he also carves standing trees on-location.

Visitors to Mountain Mike’s Whetstone Woodworks will see carvings of all kinds. Many are lifelike portrayals of the animals found in the western North Carolina mountains. But Mike also carves super heroes, recognizable figures from history, and anything that a customer wants or that he can dream up. Visitors can also watch, from a safe distance, as Mike carves his creations on-site.

Hours: Thursday-Saturday 9 am-3 pm, Sunday-Wednesday by Appointment


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