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Moon Girl Glass
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At Moon Girl Glass outside Marshall, Kristen Muñoz creates colorful and unique glasswork using traditional glassblowing and flameworking techniques. Kristen’s journey in craft started with jewelry in Austin, TX. From there, she moved to Western North Carolina and attended workshops at Penland School of Craft for eight years. Since that time, she has opened her own studio. Kristen’s work showcases the movement and flow of the glassmaking process. A given piece might take form in 30 minutes or less, but to get there it must undergo numerous steps that are always dynamic and sometimes even acrobatic.

Visitors to Moon Girl Glass can witness quite a show. Kristen is happy to give demonstrations of her working process. The 25’ x 30’ shop has been custom outfitted using recycled materials including a refrigerator-turned-kiln for fusing glass. Moon Girl Glass does custom work and frequently has a large selection of work in stock including hummingbird feeders, ornaments, drinking glasses, vases, bowls, decanters, pitchers, rings, pendant lights, and chandeliers. Kristen also offers classes in multiple styles of glasswork.

Open by Appointment, September-June

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