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Mars Landing Galleries
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Nestled on the edge of downtown Mars Hill, Mars Landing Galleries plays not only with the celestial name of the town, but also with the idea of connection through space. The goal of gallery owner Miryam Rojas is to feature artists not seen elsewhere in the region, as if they have just landed in a new world. Originally from rural New York, Miryam had a 20-year career in the film and TV industries. Western North Carolina reminded her of home, and she’d always wanted to own a gallery, so when she found a vacant building in Mars Hill, she landed herself. The building has served the community as a roller-skating rink (twice) and an antique store, among other things. Today, the large open space of the 6,000 square foot gallery allows for a rotating exhibit area, as well as individual galleries where the work of up to 40 artists can be individually displayed.

The art and artists in Mars Landing Galleries are curated to have the feel of a musical jam, where different forms and ideas come together to create a new and exciting whole. Featured artwork includes various mediums by both local and non-local artists that often don’t have other outlets in the area.

Visitors to Mars Landing Galleries will see sculptures and assemblages in various materials including, but not limited to, metal, wood, paint, glass, and ceramics. The galleries highlight artists creating within a traditional medium but whose final creation expresses an undeniably personal and unique statement.

Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 11 am-5 pm

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