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LZS Pottery & Summerfield Glass
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Just outside Bakersville, a family creates together in unique and collaborative ways. Scott Summerfield (website, and email) is a glass artist; Liz Summerfield (website, Instagram, and Facebook) is a potter; their daughter, Roby, is a printmaker. Liz and Scott met at Penland School of Craft and, since their meeting, have made their life nearby.    

Scott has been a maker of objects his whole life. From fabrication to surface application, his attention to detail has always been prominent in his art. He creates a combination of functional and decorative objects including blown fruit, lighting, tableware, and holiday accessories. His hope is to enhance and personalize one’s space through his unique and beautiful objects. Scott also creates a body of one-of-a-kind glass sculptures.

Liz grew up in northern California and was a child of both an entrepreneur and an admirer of the arts. She has been an instructor and visiting artist at numerous clay facilities, colleges, and universities. Liz’s work is easily recognizable due to its unique forms and surfaces. She uses function as a vehicle for expression, while also allowing approachability to her work. Sets, such as creamer and sugars as well as salt and peppers, and lidded containers are her primary forms.  

Visitors can see Liz’s LZS Pottery studio as well as Scott’s Summerfield Glass studio. They can also see handmade prints by Roby Leigh. 

Hours: 10 am-6 pm Daily


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