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Lotsa Memories
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Featuring crafts that provide opportunities to unemployed

Lotsa Memories: Antiques & More in Murphy was started in 2013 with a two-fold purpose: to provide a space for antiques and vintage items and to produce items that would teach employment skills to the unemployed and under-employed. Believing that every business owner can and must give something back to the community, after expenses, all profits from Lotsa Memories are given to local charities in the area.   

Lotsa Memories signature item is a “Second Chance Door Mat.” These individually made, hand-cut mats are produced from recycled tires. Tire doormats were popular in the 1950s but disappeared in the 1960s after radial tires came into use. Traditionally all black, today’s Second Chance mats are made with colored spacers. They are sized for practicality, fitting single or double French doors.  

Available by appointment. 


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