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Lexington Glassworks
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Lexington Glassworks, located in the heart of downtown Asheville, was born out of the desire to create timeless and innovative hand-blown glass and custom lighting. At this working studio, each piece is skillfully crafted using century-old techniques and locally sourced material with the singular goal of creating top-notch work.

Co-owners and founders, Billy and Geoff, each bring more than a decade’s worth of glassblowing experience and arts management to Lexington Glassworks. Both are graduates of the internationally recognized Alfred University and have traveled extensively to study with some of the best glass artists and technicians in the world. Since opening in 2015, Billy and Geoff have carefully designed and hand-crafted each piece in the gallery, showcasing their combined commitment to high-quality, hand-blown glass.

Visitors to Lexington Glassworks can enjoy an immersive glass experience in downtown Asheville. The 5,000 sq. ft. working studio features a large gallery space that allows ample natural lighting to highlight the colorful and intricate glass work. A partition allows visitors to watch the work take place from a safe distance. Work on display and for sale includes custom lighting, sculpture, and functional pieces at a variety of price points.

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10 am-6 pm, Sunday 11 am-6 pm

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