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Levin Glass
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At Levin Glass in the Celo community southeast of Burnsville, Rob Levin engages his playfulness with the spontaneity of hot glass. Rob first came to the area to take clay classes at Penland School of Craft in 1970. While there, he became fascinated with hot glass and returned in 1971, this time as a glass student. He returned as a teacher in 1975 and moved to Celo with his family for good in 1980. Today, Rob’s studio showcases the diversity of his work and the variety of his materials. He works in colorful glass as well as combining wood with glass and other materials. Anything may appear from his hands as, for Rob, creating art is not a linear process. Trial-and-error gives way to intuitive and spontaneous responses to the material.

Visitors to Levin Glass can see finished pieces in the gallery, works in progress, and a full-service studio that includes all aspects of glass work. On days when Rob blows glass, visitors are welcome to watch. He’s always happy to talk with visitors and answer questions about the work at hand.

Rob makes a variety of sculptural and functional work, including ornaments, drinking glasses, vases, bowls, sculptural vessels, and mixed-media sculptures using glass, wood, and other materials. His hand-blown glasswork and mixed-media sculpture are truly distinct, and the gallery at Levin Glass offers the largest selection anywhere.

Open by appointment.


717 Upper Browns Creek Road Burnsville, NC 28714Get DirectionsPhone: (828) 675-4331 Web: http://robertlevin.comEmail: levinglass@gmail.com

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