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Jenny Lou Sherburne Pottery
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At her studio in Bakersville, Jenny Lou Sherburne works to infuse a Dr. Suess-style joy with her own love of the functionality of pottery. Jenny states that her work celebrates the “beautiful excesses of both mother nature and human nature.” She does this by utilizing bright colors, ornate textures, and fanciful forms.

Jenny Lou studied pottery at Berea College, where she was able to get college credit and a stipend for working in clay. She did her graduate work in Louisiana and spent time working in Chicago, West Virginia, and Florida before Jenny Lou Sherburne Pottery found a home in Bakersville. For Jenny Lou and family, it was a great place to raise children, and the beauty and creativity of Mitchell County were magnets.

Visitors to Jenny Lou Sherburne Pottery may find her throwing, assembling, carving, or glazing in her studio space. She insists that this work isn’t always dramatic, but she’s happy to welcome people into her artist habitat. She has a small display area of pottery and is always happy to answer questions, trade tips, provide directions to other studios, or just to visit.

Open by appointment.

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