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JCR Designs
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Julie Calhoun-Roepnack has always been driven to capture and create beauty. A focus on 2-D art in her youth became a focus on 3-D forms as she matured. Today, in her north Asheville studio, Julie designs a distinctive mid-range, lead-free, fully functional collection of pottery. Her chief inspiration comes from the seasonal colors and textures of nature, as can be quickly seen when viewing her work. Julie’s time in the mountains put her in close contact with much of the Arts & Crafts style of craft work the region has to offer. This aesthetic is now part of her signature style. Other trademarks of her style include the labor-intensive carving that decorates almost all her work and the gingko leaf, which is prominent in her logo and much of her pottery.

Visitors to JCR Designs can see Julie’s studio and process. Some of Julie’s work is thrown on the wheel and some is slab rolled. She produces decorative, narrative vases; handmade, original tiles; mugs; ornaments; bowls; plates; platters; ornaments; and magnets year-round. The studio is a work of art unto itself. Visitors can enjoy three murals of Julie’s handmade tiles as well as a hand-painted exterior mural inspired by the surrounding mountains.

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