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Grassy Creek Pottery
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Cheryl Williams was attending Sandhills Community College in 1985, when she found herself in the Art Department witnessing the magic of wheel thrown clay. She was hooked. Originally from Southern Pines, North Carolina, Cheryl founded Grassy Creek Pottery in 1998 upon moving to the mountains of Ashe County. The uncertainty and the promise of the process motivate her daily. “Opening a kiln after a glaze firing is like Christmas every morning!” she says.

Grassy Creek Pottery is located in the community of Crumpler, close to the scenic towns of Jefferson and West Jefferson. Cheryl makes stoneware pottery that is both functional and decorative. Her functional wares include mugs, bowls, platters, plates, and pitchers. Her decorative work includes sculpted pieces on wheel thrown forms like face jugs and the very popular Tree of Life. Not only does she produce a variety of shapes, she also specializes in a variety of earth tone glazes. Each November, Grassy Creek Pottery hosts a kiln opening that takes the form of a festival style party. Grassy Creek Pottery is showcased alongside the work of various other artists working in numerous mediums.

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