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Geci/Martin Studios
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Geci/Martin Studios just outside of Bakersville offers the chance to see two artisans pursuing their work and life together. John Geci (websiteInstagram, and Facebook) is a glassblower. Courtney Martin (website and Instagram) is a potter. Together, this husband-and-wife duo offer a chance to see what true partnership looks like. Both were students at Penland School of Craft and are still a part of that creative community. In 2007, John completed work on his own glass shop. His studio sits atop a hill above Courtney’s studio and wood kiln, their gardens, and their home.  

John’s glass vessels are characteristically vibrant and distinctive. Bright colors steal the show or blend into intricate patterns. He produces functional vessels as well as decorative pieces. Courtney’s wood fired pottery stands out with its elemental shapes and geometric patterns. She makes a wide range of functional offerings including mugs, plates, and serving dishes.  

Visitors to Geci/Martin Studios are welcome to visit John’s glass shop and the showroom upstairs that displays both John and Courtney’s work. The juxtaposition of John’s sleek, colorful glass and the earthy geometry of Courtney’s pottery makes for a unique gallery experience. 

Hours: Daily 10 am-5 pm 

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