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Gallery 26
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Featuring the original works of the Baerreis family 

Gallery 26 is the latest iteration of the Baerreis family’s collaborative art space.  Their “motto” has always been, “We make what we sell and we sell what we make.” It is a personalized experience. Visitors are greeted by one of the artists whose work is for sale. There is no gap between the visitor and the artists.

Collectively, the family space showcases original work and skill honed from decades of experience. Every item in the gallery is made by the artist’s hands. 

Phil & Martha are known, since 1972, for their functional, sculpted wood art boxes, puzzle boxes, hand-carved traditional chignon pins, puzzles, wooden kitchen tools, and whimsical folk toys and sculptures. Elisabeth fashions beautiful jewelry in fused glass. Her wirework is stunning – incorporating gemstones, beads,  sterling silver, copper, and brass wire. Her popular sun catchers and mobiles make charming gifts. She also works in watercolor, acrylic, and alcohol ink. Nathan is a visual artist and a working photographer, sculptor, and painter.  He does many projects, both local and away.

Collaboratively, they are adding printed art and photographic puzzles from their originals.

Finished works are available for sale through the downtown Murphy shop or online.  

COVID 19 has impacted how the gallery currently functions. Visitors are welcome by appointment or happenstance. The gallery can accommodate four to six people at a time while maintaining a healthy social distance. Visitors are required to wear a mask.


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