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Erica Stankwytch Bailey, Metal and Mineral
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Erica Stankwytch Bailey possesses a certain wonder about the way things are put together. That wonder was the inspiration for her journey into the world of jewelry and metalsmithing. The more she learned, the more Erica was captivated by how malleable metal can be. A BFA in metal design from East Carolina University gave her the background she needed, and in 2003 she left a career as a middle school teacher to become a full-time jewelry maker.

Today, Erica creates handmade contemporary jewelry for conscious customers who like unique, bold, and easy-to-wear pieces. Every piece of jewelry is handmade in her Arden studio. Each piece is meticulously planned, from sketching out ideas to the finished product and everything in between. Every design is unique, because each piece is made by hand with recycled sterling silver and carefully sourced gemstones. Understanding the elemental building blocks of metals and minerals is the foundation of her jewelry. In her work, Erica replicates the molecular and crystalline structures of the materials she uses in the architectural shapes of her jewelry, turning these natural characteristics into spectacular pieces of wearable art.

Visitors to Erica Stankwytch Bailey’s studio can experience a fully equipped metalsmithing and jewelry studio. This small but efficient basement studio boasts two large windows and a full glass bay door with plentiful natural light. Erica’s work can be found in galleries far and wide, but she keeps a representative supply on hand and on display.

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