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Edwin Salas Art
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Edwin Salas is a man of many talents. Born in Mexico, he lived in Italy for many years working as a puppeteer. His work with puppets extended beyond performance; he also learned to build them. Edwin has also traveled the globe as a visual performance artist, but his main work today evolved in a surprising way. From the depth of his endless imagination, Edwin built and painted a wooden action figure. He wasn’t sure what to think we he got a call from the San Diego Comicon asking him for more.

Since that time, Edwin has created his own line of colorful and imaginative toys and action figures made from wood to go along with whatever else his imagination dreams up. Edwin’s work also includes puppet making and the teaching of that skill to others. He’s published multiple books on the subject and maintains a website with a wealth of information. He also uses found vintage and antique items that he recontextualizes in new and unique ways.

Visitors to Edwin Salas Art can see the workspace where Edwin births his creations. Visitors can also enjoy the museum-like quality of a space that blends cultures and forms. He produces multiple lines of wooden figures including Salas Wars, Automatons, Horror Toys, Fugly Mexican Toys, Sad Children and Creatures, and Puppets. Edwin produces kits for marionette building as well as instruction videos.

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