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Duckpond Pottery
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t was an elective pottery course at the University of Florida that started Nick Friedman on his journey in ceramics. He took so quickly to the medium that he was given special permission to take more electives outside of his English major. When his parents retired to Brevard, Nick joined them and established what became Duckpond Pottery. Located on today’s Scenic Highway 276 just outside of Brevard, Duckpond Pottery is in the footprint of what was once an ancient Cherokee path known as the Buffalo Trail.

Nick’s work has been focused on making woodfired, utilitarian pottery made from clay dug and refined in Transylvania County. His newer work explores the use of red terra cotta for both utilitarian and sculptural work. The Duckpond Pottery is a working studio and a small gallery and shop for Nick’s work.

Visitors can enjoy an open-air tea and coffee counter and a deck with seating areas overlooking the French Broad River. For the last 20 years, Nick has also hosted the Dusk Summer Music Series at Duckpond.

Tuesday–Saturday 10 am–6 pm

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