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Different Drummer Pottery
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Different Drummer Pottery in Maggie Valley has been producing pottery for more than 40 years. Terry Painter started the business after a college experience in which he moved from studying engineering to finding his purpose with ceramics. A similar journey developed for his son, Caden, who worked for 10 years in IT project management before deciding he needed a different path and joining his father at the wheel.

Terry got the name for the business from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, but today the name has another variation. Together, the father and son have created a line of Crock Drums by combining a ceramic crock shape with a wood sounding board. Any visitor interested can likely encourage the duo to provide an impromptu percussion performance featuring their own Crock Drums.

Different Drummer Pottery makes extremely durable, high-fired pottery. They offer many glaze combinations in service, decorative, and fine art pottery. Full place settings of dinnerware are among their specialties. Terry and Caden are the exclusive creators of Landscape Vessels and Tiles, featuring bas-relief landscapes of the Smoky Mountains. Visitors are encouraged to step into the throwing room to watch them work at the potter’s wheel.

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm

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