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DerGara Studios
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Ann DerGara likes to say, “I didn’t know what the rules were, so I made these crazy plates.” Her need to connect and create led to her a life in the arts. Today, her work is in museums across the globe. She spent childhood summers in Brevard with her grandmother, and after spending time in New York City, California, and Atlanta, she made her way back to Brevard more than two decades ago.

The mountains of western North Carolina inspire Ann with their beauty, mystery, and ever-changing nature. her work took more of an abstract form when she lived in cities, while her time back in Brevard has allowed her to reconnect with nature and create more literal interpretations of the place and animals around her.

Visitors to DerGara Studios can see an astounding array of diversity in her work and process. Ann is proficient in numerous forms including collagraph, etching, serigraph, lithograph, monoprint, monotype, and oil painting. Things can get quite interesting when she morphs these forms together. Ann teaches individual and group lessons in painting and in her style of printmaking.

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