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Cherokee Homestead Exhibit
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Cherokee traditional home Exhibit

Revisit life in a reconstructed Cherokee summer and winter home

The Cherokee and their ancestors have called Western North Carolina home for more than 10,000 years. Learn about their ancient history and the Cherokee way of life in this reconstructed 17th – 18th century village homestead exhibit.

The Cherokee Homestead Exhibit is one of many Cherokee Heritage sites that are outside of the Qualla Boundary and town of Cherokee, NC. The Homestead Exhibit is open air and accessible 24/7.

It includes a Cherokee summer house, a winter house, food storage crib and more in this free, self-guided tour. The site also features interpretive signs and two walls with public art representing Cherokee legends and stories.

To learn more watch, “The Hayesville Cultural Heritage Site,” a short documentary about the Cherokee Homestead Exhibit, spearheaded by the Clay County Communities Revitalization Association (CCCRA).

More Cherokee Heritage Exhibits Nearby

Learn more about the rich Cherokee heritage in the Clay County Historical and Arts Museum, located in the historic county jail adjacent to the Cherokee Homestead Exhibit.

Rare Cherokee baskets, quilts, masks and other carvings, and an exquisite life-size model of a Cherokee basketweaver are among the artifacts on exhibit.

Spikebuck Mound, the location of the Quannasee Village council house, another Cherokee Heritage site, is located nearby at the Clay County Veterans Recreation Park.



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