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Cat Jarosz Pottery
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Cat Jarosz has always been aware of her artistic bent. As a child, she won an award for her cartoon drawings. When she attended college at UNC Asheville, clay got a hold of her. From there she went to the Professional Crafts program at Haywood Community College. Cat has been studying to be or working as a studio potter since 1980. In 1991, she made the leap to be a full-time potter.

Cat Jarosz pottery is high temperature stoneware designed with the strongest clay she can find for fully functional, everyday use. Cat mixes her own glazes designed to highlight the craftsmanship of her work and the presentation of any food her customers might serve on her plates or in her bowls. Cat loves the completion of the circle when her work goes from wet clay to an essential part of the daily life of her customers.

Visitors to Cat Jarosz Pottery can experience her fully functional and brightly colored studio complete with wheel, slab roller, extruder, tools, 48 cubic foot gas kiln, electric kiln, and spray booth. Cat also has a glaze kitchen and photography room. A showroom displays Cat’s signatures style of functional work and her “hobby” line of colorful and highly decorated ornaments.

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