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Carol Lynn Johnson Glass Art
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Carol Lynn Johnson began working in stained glass more than 20 years ago. Stained glass was interesting, but she wanted something more. When she moved to the mountains of North Carolina, she discovered that customers didn’t need to fill their windows with stained glass, the mountains and countryside they could see through those windows was beauty enough. When Carol and a friend took a fused glass class, Carol realized that she had found that “something else,” and she stepped into glass fusing and slumping, making utilitarian pieces, wall panels, and ornaments.

Carol has been working in fusing and slumping for more than 15 years. Her glass art pieces are one-of-a-kind and are designed with the movement of color and light in mind. Visitors to Carol’s studio will see a working glass and teaching studio. They can survey a colorful inventory of art glass for future projects, as well as Carol’s completed and in-progress work.

Carol Lynn Johnson Glass Art also offers classes for up to 5 students. Day classes are available and vary based on complexity and size of the final product. Since the glass must be fused in the kiln at temperatures up to almost 1500 degrees, the final product will not be ready for pickup for several days. The student must make shipping arrangements if they do not plan on being in the immediate area when the final piece is done.

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