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BJ Precourt
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After years of owning and running a glass business in Hackensack, NJ, B.J. Precourt and his wife decided that they wanted something different. They moved south to Mill Spring and bought a log home built in 1888, surrounded by 36 acres. The new pace of life allowed then to renovate the property for their own purposes and pleasures. A barn and workshop gave BJ the perfect place to tell his stories. These stories come to him in the night when he can’t sleep. He writes them down in the dark and returns to them in the morning. He then uses wood found on his property or otherwise nearby and starts to carve out physical representations of his tales. BJ’s whimsical carvings take many different forms and depict a wide variety of scenes. BJ stains and then paints each piece, giving his work an antiqued patina.

Visitors traveling to meet BJ Precourt can see the workshop where he weaves and whittles his stories. BJ built a showroom adjacent to his workshop to display his work. There are small carvings, large carvings, and incredibly intricate carvings of parades of people or animals on Noah’s Ark. BJ’s provided stories of inspiration help to make each carving come to life.

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