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Bijou Jewelry
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Bijou Jewelry in Highlands takes its name from the French word for a small, exquisitely wrought jewel. Laurel Parham-Martinez grew up in her parents’ retail store. Next door was a pawn shop that employed a jeweler. Laurel formed a relationship with the jeweler and once proclaimed “I’m going to be just like you someday!” Today, Laurel is a master jeweler and has brought that proclamation to life.

A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, Laurel heightened her craft through international study as well as courses taken at William Holland Lapidary School and John C. Campbell Folk School. Laurel’s work showcases a variety of styles using gold, platinum, and silver. The original designs found at Bijou Jewelry are inspired by Laurel’s love of nature and appreciation of organic forms.

Bijou Jewelry sits in Wrights Square and welcomes visitors with a wide range of custom jewelry, gemstones, and other products. Her showroom is a gleaming creative space showcasing many of her custom designs. Laurel’s work uses casting, fabrication, and forging processes, and she also specializes in restoring or repurposing heirloom pieces, as well as restoring and repairing damaged jewelry.

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm

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